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Quixote with laurels


CHAPTER I · The Noble Spaniard's Fantasies

CHAPTER II · The Conferring of Knighthood

CHAPTER III · The Battle with the Windmills

CHAPTER IV · The Battle with the Black Enchanters

CHAPTER V · Outnumbered by Ten to One

CHAPTER VI · The Enchanted Castle

CHAPTER VII · The Emperor Alifanforon's Battle

CHAPTER VIII · Phantoms at Midnight

CHAPTER IX · Knight Mambrin's Golden Helmet

CHAPTER X · Long Live Freedom!

CHAPTER XI · The Noble Knight Is Lovesick

CHAPTER XII · The Knight Avenges Princess Micomicona

CHAPTER XIII · Dulcinea Enchanted

CHAPTER XIV · Don Quixote Challenges the King of the Desert

CHAPTER XV · The Prisoner on the River Ebro

CHAPTER XVI · The Battle with the Knight of the Mirrors

CHAPTER XVII · Moors battle with Christians

CHAPTER XVIII · Gallant Don Quixote

CHAPTER XIX · Wooden Peg the Swift

CHAPTER XX · Homecoming and End

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