Picture 77.  Thread Devil and the Sentinel

Picture 77. Thread Devil and the Sentinel

Thread Devil is the name of this tailor, a great master of his craft, with a huge opinion of himself, thin as thread but with notions of grandeur and a bundle of energy. He has taken it into his head to win no less a person as his bride than the king's daughter Wonderbeauty. Denied entry to the palace by the guard, who draws his sword, Thread Devil starts creating confusion.

This story by Stefan Mart - which he presents as a Hungarian tale - could also be entitled "Impudence prevails". Thread Devil, the toon, is enveloped in an ornamental net of threads - this motif is fully developed as in a cartoon. He beguiles the people, takes them unawares, confuses them. They laugh so much at his droll appearance that they become weak and defenceless and capitulate before his iron determination. The apoplectic red-faced old warrior in the picture will soon stop laughing - indeed his laughter will be the death of him. The tailor, who is dressed from head to toe in ice-blue robes, on the other hand always remains calm and collected. The illustrator makes sure that in the picture the blue figure always dominates and therefore sets it agains a canary-yellow background.